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First Bulgarian drilling rigs already on the market

     Main activity of “Nortex” Ltd. is focused on development and production of drilling rigs for shallow vertical and horizontal drilling. “Nortex” is the first and only producer of this probing equipment class in Bulgaria.
     The developed in series HT10 and HT20 can be classified as small mobile rigs in two main types – with mechanical and hydraulic control of boring tiller. Bores are designed compact and convenient for different diameters and depths probing. They are small-sized and extremely mobile which ensures their easy transport and makes them functional at conditions and terrains that are hardly reachable for higher class probing equipment. The rigs of these series are excellent for usage in hydro- and engineering geology and have various applications in research probing and construction industry.
     Manufacture takes place in own production base, HT10 and HT20 are designed and developed by some of the best Bulgarian specialists in the field of probing equipment. Series have been produced of high-durable materials and by using the most reliable and safe components of leading world trademarks in this field.
     Two-year preliminary tests and probations in real environment show excellent technical results which give us a reason to offer them as a high-quality product in this industry.

     Another part of “Nortex” production is focused on design and manufacture of articles of metals, rubber and metals/rubber in the fields of energetic, construction, machine-building and ship-repair industries.
     Certification of company’s activity in accordance with standard ISO 9001 is expected.

Model Static hook load drawworks height approx.mass
pulldoun /lbs./ pullback/lbs./ HP mm. kg. lbs.
NT10 1300 2000 6.5 2840 240 520
NT20 2000 3200 11 3320 520 1200
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